(Head & Neck, Speech and Audiology)

The Department of ENT at Sunshine Hospitals provides care to a broad spectrum of conditions that affect ear, nose and throat of both adults and children. ENT conditions can range from dizziness, vertigo, ringing in ears, hearing loss, hearing problems, deafness, ear infections, throat infections, sore throat, strep throat, nasal blockages, sinusitis, deviated septum to cancers of mouth, oral cavity, throat, nose and ears. Our ENT department has a team of qualified and trained ENT surgeons, speech therapists, head and neck surgeons and audiologists with hands-on experience in all aspects of otolaryngology. The department has an excellent track record of performing some of the most complicated speech and throat procedures with excellent results.

Our ENT experts have hands-on experience in dealing with all ENT emergencies including severe headaches, blood from throat, nose or ear, balance problems, ear discharge, severe earache, acute ear pain, foreign bodies in throat, ear or nose, and severe breathing difficulty. We also offer hearing, speech and language therapies and rehabilitation services; microvascular and reconstructive surgeries for restoring the appearance and function of ear, nose and face.

Paediatric ENT services include treatment for tonsillitis, breathing problems, ear infections, masses or lesions, adenoids and congenital deformities.